• Stochastikon GmbH
    Stochastikon solves problems by modelling and reducing the uncertainty about the future development. Moreover, it deals with the history of ideas of modern science and develops a stochastic science.

  • Department of Missiology, Faculty of Catholic Theology, University of Münster.
    In 1914 the first Chair of Catholic Missiology was founded in Münster, the first Professor was Joseph Schmidlin (1876-1944). Later, other chairs in München, Würzburg, etc. were eatablished. The present professor in Münster is Giancarlo Collet.

  • Neues Siebold-Forum zu Würzburg e.V.
    The aim of the Neues Siebold-Forum is to ameliorate the mutual understanding and the relations to East Asia by organizing exchange of ideas, students and people between East Asia and Würzburg.

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